Let’s start building cleaner infrastructure together

Action Energy Finance finances, owns and operates cleaner infrastructure of tomorrow. We enable our partners – technology companies and project developers – to offer their solution as a service to customers.

Our approach

We enable cleaner infrastructure as a service in the areas of energy, water and resource efficiency.

For partners

We look for companies with scalable solutions, bringing true cost savings and efficiencies for end customers.

For customers

We enable taking emission reduction and resource efficiency solutions into use without capex spend.

For partners

Our focus areas

Cleaner heat and steam generation

Geothermal heat, waste heat reuse, cleaner steam generation, local heat networks

More efficient urban infrastructure

LED lighting solutions, building efficiency investments, charging infrastructure

Industrial sector investments for energy and resource use efficiency

Waste heat utilisation, smarter use of compressed air, logistics improvements

Agricultural solutions, waste management , recycling and reuse

Utilisation of biogas for heavy transport, agricultural efficiency in water use

Cleaner transportation infrastructure

Charging infrastructure, financing of fleets

Water and other resource use efficiency

Water reuse in industrial process, cutting chemical waste

For investors

We are continuously fundraising to enable scaling of our asset investments. Please contact us for additional information.