Power sector has made great progress in reducing emissions, but industry is lagging behind

In mid-March, EnergyPost hosted an interesting panel on EU ETS role in decarbonisation by 2030.

One of the presenters, Philipp Ruf from ICIS, presented data showing that during the past 10+ years, industry has really fallen behind the power sector in implementing energy transition.

According to his figures, now all available on the EnergyPost website, in 2008 40% of the emissions were due to power industry. Now it’s the industry who is estimated to contribute 62% of all the combined emissions of these two sectors.

Change in industrial processes, whether it is with steam or heat generation, or the way compressed air is created, is slow and tedious. However, many solutions already exist. The mission of Action Energy Finance is to make it easier for the industry to take new solutions into use.

Go to EnergyPost website to learn more. Great resource to learn more on what is happening in the energy industry.

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