Energy and electricity is not the same thing

Let’s talk about the real problem

Electricity is just one form of energy, that is pretty easy and safe to transport and distribute.

However, it really constitutes only roughly one third of the total energy consumption. The other big forms of energy consumption in addition to oil products is heating, cooling and steam generation. That is quite nicely summed up by the picture above. Although it dates back to 5 years ago, the general picture has not really changed.

What we could / should do about these consumption areas, such as heat, cool and steam generation, in order to lessen the energy impact is what we should really talk about!

Where we come in

Where we at Action Energy Finance see a big opportunity in is helping companies, cities and communities transition towards cleaner and more sustainable heating, cooling and steam generation.

Heating and cooling currently account roughly for one half of global final energy consumption. It is mostly used in industrial processes, residential and agricultural applications.

Heating and cooling is also a major contributor of local air pollution and account for more than 40 % of global energy-related CO2 emissions.

We invest in the assets that enable cleaner heating, cooling and steam generation.

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